December 21, 2022

Key figures for flex

and hybrid work 2022

The end of 2022 is coming and our BeeMyFlex team offers you a portrait of the key figures in #flex and #hybridwork #futurofwork that have marked the French business landscape.

This approach is becoming more and more common in French companies. The introduction of telework agreements, or the use of a flexoffice model, are no longer just solutions to a health problem: these practices represent strong commitments in terms of business model, employer brand, and must be further refined, to allow all employees to have the choice and the long awaited flex stability.


56% of HRMs say

that they expect more personalization

in the organization of work.

78% of HRDs consider

that candidates want more flexibility

on their choice of workplace.


52% of executives

feel that their employees are as productive

telecommuting as well as on site.

7% estimate

even more productive.

80% of French employees

believe that telecommuting provides a better balance

professional/private life.


the average number of days teleworked per week

estimated in 2025.


77% of employees

see the flex office as a good practice.

75% of employees

enjoy returning to their place of work.


89% of employees

identify the lack of social interaction

and a sense of belonging to the company

as risks related to hybrid work.

56% of companies

identify an increase in psycho-social risks

related to hybrid work.


77% of respondents

argue that the development of hybrid work on a large scale

has not increased gender inequality.



These figures have shown throughout the year 2022 that the hybridization of work marks, challenges, raises issues of accommodation, access, organization, both at the level of managers, HR, employees, leaders ... it is a matter of all within the company!

That's why, aware that the #flex era is on the move and that it requires easy-to-use solutions within companies, our BeeMyFlex team continues to improve our technical solution and mobile application, to always better help you pilot your flex work organization on a daily basis.... and this, WHEREVERYOUARE! ✌💙

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