Simple and user-friendly, our solution offers the best user experience for your organisation

Easily declare the place of work in your calendar

Employees can easily fill in their calendar when they plan to work at home, in the office, or away from home. They define their "typical" day and apply it to the dates that suit them.

Apply your telework charter and your collective or individual agreements

Managers set up their telework rules, and with the flexibility of BeeMyFlex, they automatically apply them to their teams or employees.

Stay systematically informed about derogations and risks

When an employee deviates from the rules governing telework, validated by collective or individual agreements, his/her manager is immediately informed. The risk forecasting module also notifies managers in case of isolation of one of their employees.

Access dashboards and statistics to refine your telework rules

Analyze at a glance all the statistics of the application such as the occupancy rate of the premises, the schedule of the employees and the days with low attendance.

Optimise your office travel according to the presence of your employees

Users create their own workgroups and find the best time to join their colleagues in the office.

Anticipate and manage the occupancy rate of your workspaces

No need to map offices, our solution offers employees the available workspaces, according to their capacity threshold.