February 03, 2023

The stakes of the label

in 2023 with InCitu and its label Wiwo!

We met Stéphane Théry, head of development of the WIWO (Work In Work Out) labeling program at Incitu, and discussed with him the challenges of hybridization of work organizations for 2023.

A flex interview in #whereveryouare mode with Benjamin Leroux, founder of BeeMyFlex, our com' team and Stéphane Théry here

Hello Stéphane, thank you for accepting our invitation. Can you introduce yourself in order to tell us about your missions, your company, and the WIWO label that you deploy all over France?     

Hello to the BeeMyFlex team! I am Stéphane, WIWO program manager at Incitu. I have co-participated and I co-lead the expert group that has fed the reference system of labeling. I also ensure its commercial development in contact with HRDs and their departments to demonstrate the good virtues and explain the whole process of the labeling program.

Before this great adventure, I had a professional background in the field of innovation financing, business development and also development in a more global way, within various structures. I have always been a great believer in telecommuting and its benefits. For all these reasons and my experience, Incitu asked me to carry out the deployment and the development of the WIWO label for French companies.

Incitu in a few words: it is a brand that is part of the "certification&competence" group, which itself includes several brands (Ipéria-UDD). It is an association with a social aim, which allows to value the approaches and the social progress within the organizations in connection with the home.

In this context, Incitu was created 4 years ago, in order to accompany and certify companies on their work organization. The resulting flagship product is the WIWO label: 1st telework label for companies, initiated in 2018, with the desire to make visible the companies that implement a hybrid organization.

This idea was born long before the arrival of Covid-19 and the subsequent upheaval in the professional landscape.

To summarize the history of Incitu and WIWO:

- In 2018: a labeling standard was born.

- In 2020: 3 first companies tested the certification and could be labeled on 2021.

- December 10, 2021: historical key date for WIWO since it is Elisabeth Borne, who at the time Minister of Labour, came to give the certifications to the labeled companies.

The same year 2021: the label has been able to grow and become more "concrete", thanks in particular to the first candidate companies to receive the label.

In 2022: other companies have joined the program and are currently in the audit phase to be certified in the near future.

What are the challenges and flex objectives of Incitu and the WIWO label in 2023?

In an increasingly hybrid context, demanded by employees, future employees and the companies themselves, Incitu and its label are more than ever key partners to accompany this hybridization at the heart of companies.

In 2023, we intend to intensify the development and expand the number of candidate organizations for the Work In Work Out certification program.

Our objective is to flood the market with hybrid companies to enable them to strengthen their employer brand = this is the major issue for all French companies in 2023! And our label can bring them this flex visibility, which is in a way a signal to future talents "come to us, where it's good to work".

Also, at the beginning of this year, Incitu reinforces its development program, for a new challenge: to bring organizations of the public sphere into the certification program, in order to also allow the highlighting of the hybridization of these structures, thanks to the labelling of telework set up.

(The call is therefore launched to all of you who work within the communities, and public flex organizations: you can contact Stéphane Théry to organize your certification program in order to obtain this Wiwo label ;))

According to you, what will be the flex issues for companies in 2023?

More than ever, employer branding has become an important issue within companies. In this sense, we propose a quality label which is not "purchasable" but which makes it possible to make a diagnosis and a cartography of the hybrid organization in place at a moment T, and in particular as regards the implementation of teleworking by going back over several months of activities.

In 2023, more than ever, telework must be installed as an in-depth evolution within the company. It should not be taken as a "band-aid" for emergency situations, as was the case in 2020 during the Covid-19 health crisis, or even during a strike, for example.

"Telecommuting is not a solution to a problem, but an organization in itself.

That is why Incitu proposes through its WIWO certification program, to value the good practices of telework noticed in the different private sutures.

This label is not a "sanction" label but a "promotion" label, so these same structures can obtain the level corresponding to their maturity. The label proposes 4 different levels for a renewable period of 18 months. InCitu also proposes a diagnosis and improvement tracks to reinforce or initiate the telework organization in its durability.

The flex approach must therefore be maintained and sustained for all organizations today.

Any company can apply for the Wiwo? label.

Yes, all structures can register for the labeling program under these 2 conditions

  1. The company must justify the implementation of a charter or a company agreement within its structure, in order to have the rules that will allow to be audited.
  2. The company must be able to justify a minimum of 18 months of previous implementation of telework, so that there is sufficient history in terms of activity, which can be analyzed and audited.

The audit process begins with a documentary review of the legal elements (agreements, charter, DUERP, etc.) to identify certain deficiencies beforehand.

The second part of the audit consists of conducting interviews with employees, HR managers, supervisors, medical staff, directors, etc., which provide a summary of the situation with regard to the technical standards. This makes it possible to assess the quality of the organization and to determine whether or not the structure is eligible for certification.

Finally, the file is transmitted to a labelling commission composed of 5 external members as well as Stéphane representing InCitu as president of the commission.

Any final flex words to share with us? 😊

"The priority for companies is not necessarily to reach the last level of the market, but to be the 1st1st LABELLED in its sector of activity!"

Today, it is impossible to imagine that a company cannot implement hybridity in its organization. Even a company with a majority of industrial activities necessarily has support functions that can be in telework.

The labeling allows to demonstrate to the external public, the flex approach in which the companies are involved, but more globally the trust and the commitment that they put in the service of their employees. It is also a visible reward for all the employees contributing to this efficiency of the hybrid mode and to enter in a long term vision as regards telework and flex organization.

Hybridization is thus anchored.

For the future, I strongly believe in the atomization of workplaces and hybrid offices that have been emerging for a few years now. Tomorrow, we can imagine business centers that allow workers from different companies to be able, depending on the geographical location, to have work spaces composed of individual offices and collective spaces. These exchanges will allow people to benefit from a social link to exchange with different professional cultures. The new generation is mostly involved in this desire.

The flex vision is therefore set in motion more than ever in 2023!


A big thank you to Stéphane Théry for sharing the challenges and vision of hybridization of work organization.

You will have understood that in 2023 it is more than necessary to think flex attitude and to think about the labeling to allow to ask about the organizational problems; to promote the model and the hybrid vision engaged, to reinforce the visibility of the company, its attractiveness and by definition, its employer brand.

See you very soon for more info and flex vision #whereveryouare! 😊

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